Unintended consequences to overwhelming force

Forget paramilitary activites in the drug war; now police are shooting people for gambling! A respected optometrist was accidentally killed by police officers who deployed tactical units to catch a suspected bookie:

Culosi came out of his townhouse on Cavalier Landing Court about 9:35 p.m. and was standing next to the detective's sport-utility vehicle, police said, when the detective gave a signal to tactical officers assembled nearby to move in and arrest Culosi."As they approached him . . . one officer's weapon, a handgun, was unintentionally discharged," said Fairfax Police Chief David M. Rohrer. Culosi was not making any threatening moves when he was shot once in the upper part of his body, police said. He was taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Hopefully as in the case of Cory Maye (who, incidentally, deserves a post - I've put it off far too long), the blogosphere can attract attention to these incidents. The problem of irresponsible and dangerous police state tactics needs to be addressed once and for all in the public debate, before these kinds of situations become even more commonplace.

I cannot think of any reason whatsoever why a tactical police unit would have been necessary for this arrest. Moreover, I cannot think of any reason why gambling should be the subject of an intense police investigation. But it goes to show you that when you give the state authority to regulate, they take that charge seriously - deadly seriously.

Hattip: LewRockwell.com

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Written on Tuesday, January 31, 2006