American Gun Culture Report, Issue #2

The new issue of American Gun Culture Report - the firearms periodical for the hip, alternative, non-fascist crowd - is out, and I just got a stack of copies in the mail. While the first issue was awesome, it was mostly articles by the publication's pioneering editor, Ross Eliot. In this issue one can already see that the zine is getting some widespread attention, with articles by a variety of authors including yours truly.

My article deals with my embrace of firearms and the intersection of that experience with radical politics with particular emphasis on left libertarianism (no online version, though - I resolved to write an AGCR exclusive). Matt Siegel, the local libertarian who got me into the mag, writes two awesome articles: one on NYPD psy-ops, and another on the Virginia Tech shootings. I've seen another wonderful and witty story he wrote about the history and politics surrounding the "cop killer" round, which will probably be coming in a future edition. There's also an insightful analysis of the intersection between firearms and certain alternative lifestyles by Timothy Weston as well as a bunch of interviews and book reviews. And if all that isn't enough, there's a healthy dose of humorous fake ads and other jokes poking fun at gun nuttery in general and leftists and rightists in particular.

If you're interested in gun rights and culture without the homophobia, conservatism, and State worship, check this mag out. Hopefully AGCR will have a website up in the not-too-distant future (I've volunteered to help) so maybe at that time my article will be web-accessible.

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Written on Monday, July 02, 2007