RubyConf '07

I'm in the final hours of my first RubyConf, the annual international conference for rubyists being held in Charlotte, NC this weekend. There's been way too much information for me to possibly absorb completely, but the exposure to the community, the attitudes and thinking, and the possibilities people are exploring has certainly been a wonderful phenomenon to experience. I'm also seeing that I really haven't even scratched the surface of ruby - there's much more for me to learn than I suspected in my most pessimistic estimates.

Conference highlights (from memory) are as follows:

I had a great time hanging with all my new and old friends. Props to the #rubycodejam / CVREG peeps (Jamie, Mel, Jim, Anoop, Jon), my new co-workers at Intridea (Chris, Pradeep, Michael), my old friends (Ryan, Patrick, Ben, and others from Viget Labs) and new friends (Andrew, Jay, Brian, and sorry if I can't remember you - I'm on little sleep). I did a lot of drinking, not much sleeping, and a lot of participating in great conversations. And I'm excited about a CVREG collaboration with the DCRUG as well as getting cracking on Bookmarker with Mel.

Summary: RubyConf[2007].success? #=> true

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Written on Sunday, November 04, 2007