is up!

I'm sure that if you're into left libertarianism, you probably already know that the forum at is up. But if you're not into it and curious, check it out! The point is to start to organize and more widely represent the online conversation surrounding this approach to libertarianism.

I'm actually really excited about having gotten bbpress, the forum based on WordPress, integrated with the aggregator. I'm still trying to get bbsync to automatically start threads for posts syndicated on the site. I'd like, eventually, to get things going the other way, too: to have the community post articles in the forum that get syndicated by the aggregator. The end goal is to have a site that manages a common content pool with several ways for viewing and interacting with it. I'm working on custom software to realize this goal, but the bbpress/WordPress integration tools are quite compelling.

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Written on Friday, March 28, 2008