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When you think about the importance that Proudhon does place on "collective beings" and collective "reason," you might suspect that one of the ways we have screwed up association thus far is to attempt to dictate a law of organization to entities which will have their own, emergent purposes, while at the same time we have hampered that emergence by attempting to live by the law we have externalized and alienated from our own individual interests. You can see how a sort of "natural law" ethics might emerge from this stuff that would not insist on universalizing judgments and might not lend itself to the establishment of natural rights.

- Shawn Wilbur on the Graveyard of the Gods forum

Also, note that the above mentioned forum has had several discussions of mutualism that I've found very beneficial. Kudos to Cork, neverfox, Francois Tremblay, and Shawn.

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Written on Friday, December 05, 2008