A confession to Austrian libertarians

I've gotten you guys all wrong. When I read Rothbard and Mises, I saw two intelligent gentlemen doing politics and economics. My takeaway from their work was along the lines of, "Here are some more ideas with which to approach the problems of the world."

Apparently, I read them all wrong. The Austrian economists provided a model designed to eliminate all conflict from the human experience. They were actually evangelists for a new order of private property as a cleansing, redemptive force to bring peace on earth and goodwill to all men. All you have to do is apply their theories, and nobody would ever be hungry again; no people would ever be displaced again; supreme justice would rule and all misery would be vanquished. War and fighting would be swept from the earth because people would finally understand the sublime universal truthfulness of "this is mine, that is yours". Austrian economics is gospel, not theory.

At least, one would think this by reading the comments here.

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Written on Friday, March 06, 2009