Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I just finished watching a documentary called Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary. Basically it was a series of interviews with an old lady who was one of Hitler's secretaries way back during the war. It was absolutely fascinating to see somebody who was in such close proximity to Hitler as a person talk about what it was like, especially during the last days. It's wonderful as time goes on, the Germans can look back on those times and see things in a broader array of colors than just black and white. Even when I was in Germany back in the 90s, it was still a very sore subject, and this is the first time, after all these years, she has been able to talk about this.

I can't do it justice with words. You have to see it yourself. The people who distributed it in America (it's in German, and I was actually pleased that I could understand much of it without the subtitles) also just released an interview documentary with Robert MacNamara that looks really interesting called The Fog of War. Good, good stuff.

Don't dispair, loyal readers... libertarianism... environmental policy... I'll get to it.

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Written on Tuesday, June 01, 2004