Outer Banks Adventures

Beach was cool. We went down to Cape Hatteras for the weekend. Tasha, her sister Kristal, and I left Saturday morning, camped at a KOA Saturday night, and were home by Sunday evening. The main reason for going was so that Tasha could deliver some of her work to a gallery down there. Anyway, we were talking to the lady there and I saw she had this magazine called What Is Enlightenment. I had read an article from the web site before but I asked her about the magazine and she was talking about it with me. It sounds really interesting - a non-flighty approach to holistic science and philosophy, I guess that's one way you could put it. She definately stressed that it was NOT light reading. So I'm gonna subscribe and see what this junk is about.

Actually, it was a really wierd weekend. Tasha and I ran into a really old friend of ours from back in college. Turns out she's now married to this other friend of ours from back then and that they have a child. We went over to their place (he's in the Coast Guard now) and had a great time. Really interesting conversations. Anyway, so now we have a place to stay on the Outer Banks, and really cool people to hang out with too.

Oh, I'm also getting involved with Bring4th.org which is a new project by the people who brought you L/L Research and the Ra material. I even modified my article for their site, which you can see here.

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Written on Monday, June 21, 2004