Monday, July 26, 2004

We went backpacking this weekend. Short but sweet, probably about 10-12 miles total. It takes us so damn long just to get to the trailhead anyway... we just can't motivate. It's nice to sleep in the woods, though - when we happen to pick a good trail near water, and happen to find a legal campsite near said water, it's really nice. The weather was good on Saturday, but Sunday presented a misting rain that, while not as bad as a torrential downpour, definately motivated me to get back to the car double time. The sucky thing about Shenendoah Nat'l Park is that, no matter what trail you take, if you start from Skyline Drive (the scenic highway that goes peak to peak along the mountain ridge), you ALWAYS start out downhill and end up going uphill, when you can least manage. My legs are jelly, and I had a rather light load this weekend, compared to other trips I've taken. Anyway, we took Tela (our beagle) with us, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved she was. Apparently she is growing up. Usually when we're on the trail, she's in her element, so whenever I stop for two seconds to take a drink of water she can't stand to stand still when there's a great trail ahead and she starts going nuts, barking and whining and shit. The moment she sees mountains from the car, she starts going crazy. However, this time she was more subdued, and it was nice. It means we can go more often with Tela and have less headaches along the way.

Anyway, BP Wednesday in Baltimore. Be there.

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Written on Monday, July 26, 2004