Monday, August 02, 2004

Well, this isn't the greatest week ever, but at the very least people will stop talking about that big taxpayer funded party they held up in Boston. Christ.

You know what I hate about going to shows? I hate feeling like I have to push and shove just to be able to stand in one spot. I am NOT into moshing. I like to dance, I like it when others dance, and I don't mind occasional, accidental contact. But when people deliberately act like the space you're occupying is, in fact, empty, that's when I draw the line. The Brothers Past show in Newark, DE was awesome - I just wish there wasn't so much overhead in the way of assholes in the crowd. I found myself elbowing and shoving girls just to be able to stand up straight. On top of this, the lack of AC in the place resulted in a thin film of funk on everybody. Most of the sweat on me was from other people. I enjoyed the show much more once I decided to just be rude and do what they were doing to me. But this kind of situation is largely why I stopped going to Phish and Disco Biscuits shows (besides the fact that I think they kinda suck now, I'd like to purchase a ticket to legitimately occupy floor space, not simply to get squeezed into a room).

Speaking of Phish, anybody who knew me in college knows that I was way into them for two or three years. Well, when they took a hiatus, I decided to see them one last time in Columbia, MD. It was a wonderful show (got pavillion seating) and I wanted that to be my last memory of the band. Well, I just tried getting tickets for a surprise show at Hampton Colliseum and I remembered why I wanted to keep good memories. Getting to a Phish show is an exercise in testing your fanhood. I spent three hours trying to convince the ticket reservation program to, no, not crash, but in fact simply send my credit card info to them so I could get a ticket. I was up ten minutes before they went on sale simultaneously calling and surfing to get tickets. So was my girlfriend, and so was her sister. So were our friends. None of us got tickets. And you know who I blame? George W. Bush.

This past week I've been renting season one and two of the TV show Alias. All I have to say is that, despite a bit of the corniness, I'm hooked. It's even inspired me to work on my comic book premise I ditched a few years back about... well, that's a story for another post, another day.

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Written on Monday, August 02, 2004