Monday, September 20, 2004

I'm getting a little sick and tired of my friends who are voting for Kerry berating me for not. What the fuck? It's like - I'm not voting for Bush, isn't that good enough for you? NO! You have to hate Bush SOOOOO much that you'll vote for Pol Pot before him. One girl at this bar was giving me a hard time even though she commended me for being libertarian. I don't get it - hello, small gov't? Lower taxes AND spending? Kerry talking about sending MORE troops to Iraq? Hel-LOOOO?!?!? But at least you can feel crunchy in flaunting your hatred like a big smelly... whatever.

This election year is nothing less than bizarre. It doesn't make me proud to be American, it makes me feel... like some sort of freak. Maybe it's the fact that I don't watch TV, I dunno. The whole thing is incredibly... I dunno, talking about the election seems like talking about your favorite character on Survivor. And I never watched Survivor. Can anybody who's voting Kerry actually back up their especial hatred of Bush, or is it all just culture war bullshit? Or worse, some trendoid thing surrounding the hippies and other losers who buy clothes with special pockets for their I-pods?

I mean, damn, I hate Bush too, but for the same reason I hate Kerry - they're both phony and have no respect for libertarian principles. Can any democrat provide a similar level of clear articulation without breaking out a pie chart?

Excuuuuse me, Miss Patchouli. It's not my fault that we're at a point where the only way ahead is to completely let the system fall apart. You just don't like that I'm acknowledging it, and not wussing out for the latest Mother Jones pick. Face it: you want the McAnswer, and I'm not nodding my head vigorously in agreement so you take out your frustration on me that you're gonna put another rich asshole in office.

I'm out, yo.

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Written on Monday, September 20, 2004