Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A lot of people have been finding this blog from one that I've been reading and posting on a LOT lately called Right Thinking Girl. If you want to explore the roots of current conservatism in a fun environment, I suggest you head over there right now. There is a great conversation going on in the "Day of Infamy" thread about why reason should trump revenge in the War on Terruh. I'm still deciding whether putting a blog on your blogroll implies endorsement of the blogger's opinions. But by the same token, I've been writing so much over there that I've been neglecting you people, and I don't want you to... ehh, never mind, screw ya's.

I've been reading Sarah Vowell's The Partly Cloudy Patriot because it is light reading and was made available to me at no cost. It's fun and interesting to see somebody who, like me, is not entirely comfortable with being a nerd. I wish I had more friends like her - intellectuals who are also fun, whom I don't have to trick into a conversation about philosophy or politics. People who can riff on the Secret Machines or Aqua Teen Hunger Force when talking about foreign policy and metaphysics.

The other day I saw the Hayden Christiansen movie, Shattered Glass. It's about disgraced journalist Stephen Glass, and it's a remarkable movie. It's got lots of names in it: Chloe Sevigny, Steve Zahn, Hank Azaria, etc. You think at first it's some made-for-TV movie that's struggling to fashion a plot out of an essentially boring subject matter, but that's just it - I think, in this case, that the plot isn't important so much as the character study, kind of like in Conspiracy. You know where it's headed - but how did it happen? Hayden Christiansen is doing a great job of becoming the next Jude Law - a great actor that gets despicable roles and pulls them off brilliantly (when possible; Star Wars is a disgrace).

And R, thanks for the props. Even though I'm not a liberal, anybody who stands up to the Red State Inquisition is a pal of mine.

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Written on Wednesday, December 08, 2004