Wednesday, January 12, 2005

OK. Some of you may think from the past two posts that I do not like women or something like that. That's not true at all! "Proof," I hear you clamor. "Proof, or we shall sacrifice you on the altar of Political Correctness!" And, while I'm sure Bill Maher is a perfectly nice gentlemen (and funny as hell), he comes across a little too metro for my tastes, and he's certainly not the person with whom I want to spend my last moments before being thrown into a pit with of rabid, jealous internet women to kill me (God, I seriously cannot think of anything worse than a girl who's into professional sports - it's like the worst of both worlds!).

Basically, I'm announcing that I'm engaged to Tasha, my girlfriend of six years. So there's that. We're getting married in late September. So, see, I don't hate all women.


And if you didn't know this already, that's a pretty good indication that you don't talk to me enough. Yeah, I said it.

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Written on Wednesday, January 12, 2005