My little brother is getting married

Saturday is the big day. I'm kind of excited - he's been in the Army for the past 2 or 3 years, and I'll get to meet a bunch of his buddies from there, where he's been having a life completely apart from ours in Virginia. Part of me thinks he just wants to beat Tasha and I to the altar, but... that just doesn't sound like his bag. He's been dating his girl, Nicole, about as long as I've been with Tasha. It's just kind of wierd.

Tasha and I went shopping for their gifts yesterday - they're registered at Linens-n-Things. Shopping for registry stuff is cool - I think everybody should register for gifts, so you'd know what to get your wife for Christmas and stuff. I just wish it was easier to find the stuff. I kept having to double check the UPCs to make sure I was getting the EXACT item Nicole and John wanted.

Welp, I'm going home. Maybe a little Sin City? I've heard good things - and I trust X's opinion almost always.

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Written on Monday, April 04, 2005