March Madness in April

Well, normally you will hear me do (almost) nothing but bitch about spectator sports. I usually don't appreciate them and don't understand the purpose of rooting for sides in a sports match. Why would you back one pro team over another?

College is different, though, as I found out these past few weeks. I started watching the sweet sixteen after seeing a super exciting game between West Virginia and Wake Forest that went into double overtime. I was disappointed Illinois lost to UNC in the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game, but I have to say I've never been into basketball as much as I am now. The Fighting Illini came back from trailing the Tar Heels by 16 points at the half to tie it up, but they just couldn't deal with that huge behemoth, Sean May, standing in the lane and forcing his way to 26 points and only one missed shot. A few missed threes and a turnover in the last moments let me down, but a great game over all.

I'll be hyping up the 2006 Final Four and am looking forward to it. Hell, maybe I'll suddenly be interested in baseball now.

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Written on Tuesday, April 05, 2005