Jackie discovers irony!

Jacqueline writes about "The 10 generic themes that invariably show up in any chick flick":

7. If you become pregnant, don't worry -- you won't actually have the baby. It's just a temporary dilemma so you can break up for a month and he'll realize that he can't live without you -- mainly because you pushed away his friends and ruined his life. 8. If you're breaking up with the guy to prove a point, immediately find the best-looking guy in your office and invite him over to dinner, then hope the other guy shows up. When he shows up, he won't do anything vengeful like get drunk and hook up with the nearest bimbo. He'll simply stop shaving and showering until one of his friends goes over to his house to snap some sense into him.

Pretty damn funny.

UPDATE: So Jackie didn't write it. I made a mistake. Take your money elsewhere.

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Written on Monday, May 02, 2005