Politics really does suck...

...as Jane Galt of Asymmetrical Information explains:

Can Democrats and Republicans stop pretending that there is some exquisitely fine distinction between judicial filibusters and legislative filibusters that makes flip-flopping on whatever they said five years ago something other than a gossamer-thin wrapping for the otherwise naked use of power? Or that they really, deep down, care about the deepest arcana of Senate procedure? The fact is that Republicans are going to shove conservative judges down liberal throats because they can, not because there is some cosmic principle of justice involved. And Democrats should tone down the histrionics about the fundamental illegitimacy of Republican court-packing, when the reason the Republicans are so determined to pack the court is that it is the only way Democrats have left them to undo the quasi-legislation that liberal judges wrote after Democrats packed the court decades ago. Having remade the rules about how legislation gets made, you can't just tell the Republicans that it's some sort of metaphysical abuse if they try to touch the ball.

Sorry, I know that lifting whole posts from blogs is bad form, but it's an especially eloquent plea that deserves copying.

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Written on Wednesday, May 25, 2005