Americans suffering = good

Sober, insightful commentary on the Federal Gov't and why they want Americans to suffer:

Why is it the American government so hates average Americans?

I'm not really being facetious here. I think a strong case can be made, based on this decision, that the government actually hates and despises ordinary people-that they, in fact, wish pain on us.

I've discussed a number of civil liberty issues in my column the last few years. We can argue all day about forced mental screenings and the Patriot Act. But this goes beyond civil liberties. It goes beyond federal thugs tapping your phone and rummaging through your sock drawer. This ruling gets to the basic core of human decency. Here you have people with terrible, painful afflictions, who smoke pot because, God forbid, it actually makes them feel better. And Washington wants to stop them? What the hell for? Do they like watching people with tumors writhe in pain? Is that somehow fun for them?

BTW, Jonathan D. Morris is one of my favorite columnists and you should read his articles and like it.

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Written on Tuesday, June 14, 2005