The skinny on the week

OK, so I'm waiting for Visual Studio to load on my laptop and thought I'd condescend to fill y'all in on my week.

I was in Mathews this past weekend because Tasha's babysitting her parents' dog while they're in Alaska. So in order to get a good night's sleep for my first day at work Monday, I went home Sunday night. However, I didn't get into bed until 1:30 AM for some bizarre reason. Apparently, it's a pattern for me that I don't go to bed when I absolutely need to. So, whatever.

Monday morning went really smoothly. I got to work at about 7:45 AM and barely anybody was there (really small office). I finally introduced myself to somebody and got a small tour. People weren't in yet to help me w/ paperwork so I went out and got some coffee in the meantime.

Anyway, everybody was really nice. I got a bunch of free stuff like shirt, glasses, mugs, hats, etc. and was told to ask if I wanted something. There's free sodas and beers in the fridge. This may be par for the course for some of you readers out there, but after leaving my old job this was a total treat. Plus, they gave me a laptop my first day. So I can take it home and use it for whatever.

Tuesday I went back to Mathews after work and hung w/ Tasha and our friend John. I had to go to Tappahannock on my way to work Wednesday morning to pick up clothes for today because I was hanging out with Sara and Marissa that night. We went to Maggiano's, this awesome Italian place. While we were waiting I bought some clothes and Sara and I looked at furniture. Then we saw this wierd ass band called Special Ed and the Short Bus. It was like bluegrass stomp jug band music but on a record player that is broken and playing at 25 RPM.

I'm already on a project for a client, so I'm not having a lot of time at work to blog like I used to. Wish me luck!

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Written on Thursday, June 30, 2005