Life continues to browbeat me...

Yeah, don't mean to sound like a bitchman, but life right now is just hectic as a mofo. So this is my roundabout way of apologizing for not providin' teh content. Tomorrow morning at 6AM I fly to LaGuardia to roll to a biz meeting, then Thursday evening I'm flying to Louisville for a seminar and to see some friends of mine associated with L/L Research. Not getting back to 11PM on Monday night, so blogging will be sparse.


The cool part about all this is that I was gonna have fly back to Richmond Thursday night, spend 12 hours here, then fly out to L'ville again Friday morning. Instead, my bosses said it'd be cool to just fly straight from NYC to L'ville. I love my job.

But check this shit out - I called Expedia to cancel my flight from Richmond to L'ville and keep the return flight. They told me it would cost me $100 just to cancel the flight! I officially have no sympathy left for the airline industry - they're losing business for being assholes who don't know a good deal when they see one.

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Written on Tuesday, August 16, 2005