Living the Law of One

Yo, compadres. I'm blogging from the Living the Law of One Seminar at Wooded Glen in Henryville, IN. It's sponsored by L/L Research whose work I've studied and supported for about 5 years now. I'm actually on the staff helping with the recording and facilitation of the seminar, so while I'm there, I might as well be doing some web documenting. Pursuant to this lofty goal, I will be liveblogging some of the lectures to give my readership an idea of the depth and breadth of this seminar. Isn't that teh hip? The blogging will also serve as notes I can use to assemble a write-up about the seminar, and hey, if the liveblog entries suck I'll just condense them into one writeup. Anyway, I should be available online most of the time with my bluetooth internet connection through my new cell phone, so holla yo.

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Written on Friday, August 19, 2005