End of conference

The Living the Law of One Seminar is over. Sunday night we participated in a Q'uo session, and today was spent visiting Avalon. I had some great conversations and really connected with people. I also feel reenergized about the Law of One material and living a spiritually activated life. Hopefully my blog will begin to reflect that more. I think I just find the sacred and spiritual too valuable to write about it as flippantly as I treat many topics here on the blog.

My ticket from Louisville to Virginia was cancelled without my knowledge, and I didn't get the bad news till I got to the ticket counter ready to leave. Turns out if you don't take the departing flight on a round trip they cancel the return flight. Retarded - but even more retarded than that is the fact that I asked specifically about this and the Expedia agent told me I could do it the way I was planning (not take the departing flight, just the return). So after an hour on the phone with Expedia I finally got treated fairly, bought a ticket for tomorrow morning, and came back to the L/L house. So I'm chilling with Gary and Paul now, and should probably think about getting to bed... what a week!

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Written on Monday, August 22, 2005