I'm just not inspired to write lately.

The fraud that is the Bush Administration seems to be in full retreat. Not a lot going on in my personal life. Job takes a lot of my time lately - and as interesting as it is, it consumes much of my daytime resources.

So I apologize for not being up for blogging lately. I'm still keeping up on things, but it's strange how internet habits morph and change over time. I think probably the biggest reason I blog less is the retirement of Right Thinking Girl. The conversation always stimulated my political ideas, and I'm still looking for another blog that is as wrong - but tolerant of correctness - as that one was.

Lately I've been extremely interested in anarchism and mutualism. I may have some stuff to write about that at some point. Right now I'm regrouping; at least, that's what it feels like. Bear with me.

UPDATE: Maybe this could spur me to blog.


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Written on Friday, November 11, 2005