Bush is wrong: the concise rebuttal

Just thought this was a very short and clear statement of the problems with the Bush administration's use of intelligence to justify the Iraq war:

I've said this before, but it's worth re-emphasizing in light of Bush's speech. The argument of critics is not that Bush mistakenly thought that Iraq had WMDs. A lot of people thought that - and that was a reasonable assumption. The argument is that the administration made specific exaggerations about specific pieces of intelligence. In doing so, it misled the American people. That's the real issue and what Bush said today is irrelevant to it.

So let's stop obfuscating the issue and setting up straw men and get to the bottom of what happened, instead of focusing on how hypocritical Democratic politicians are - gee, thanks for the news flash, Bush.

(Just as an aside, I should add that even if the administration was not deceptive in their claims, I would still hold them accountable for making an error. The stakes in war are too high for errors - even honest ones - to go unpunished. However, Democrats don't want that standard applied to them when the tables are turned, so I can see why they avoid that argument.)

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Written on Wednesday, November 16, 2005