The other libertarian meat

Another liberal discovers her libertarian allies (pay attention Moonbatty). Over at Battlepanda there's a great comment thread where some of the stars of the left libertarian movement speak out about how, after all, there's more that unites us than divides us in the broader pro-freedom, pro-human movement. What spurred me out of my blogging slump to post was this comment by Brad Spangler:

...When a so-called "libertarian" fails to apply honest market analysis that might point a blaming finger at powerful established interests and instead starts saying things like: "Of course, markets can't do everything. States have a role." ...that's when they're acting on something *other* than whatever degree of libertarianism might be attributed to them.

I see moral cowardice as being a large part of the problem. When reading someone who claims to be a libertarian, ask yourself if that person sees themself as a policy wonk, or as a revolutionary.

Hell fucking yeah. This movement to advance the human cause against organized privilege isn't about the left or the right, and it doesn't fit in the preconceived, cozy categories devised by the status quo. That's why I feel energized spiritually (and humbled to the point of experiencing a crippling case of "blogger's block") to read blogs like Spangler's, Kevin Carson's, and others in the Libertarian Left Webring. It brings my deepest beliefs into alignment with clear thinking, and that's a sign that you've stumbled upon something good. We're overdue for a revolution, anyway. :)

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Written on Sunday, December 18, 2005