Security as Voluntary Cooperation

This essay by Adem Kupi illustrates the security situation we face as free, sovereign individuals:

The current growing ratio of noise to signal is putting pressure on the world to become more skeptical, which will put pressure on societies to shift away from guaranteeing security. They just won't be able to do it effectively. The idea of managing anything larger than a local area will become preposterous. Our current states will collapse, or kill us all in the process of trying to hold themselves together. When it becomes clear that the rulers will only be ruling a pile of rubble if they continue, they will be forced to retreat.

We are shifting from corporate states that feign security and promote instability to societies where individuals are completely invested in outcomes and decisions which reflect the best information humanly possible (instead of simply politically possible). The more independent we become, the less we'll be able to take each other for granted, and the more united we'll probably end up being.

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Written on Tuesday, January 03, 2006