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I published an essay on the political and sociological implications of the Law of One back in April of 2004. The essay was intended to be an introduction to Bring4th, a site that was newly launched at the time for spiritual activism and discussion. Since then that site was hacked to hell, crashed, and burned. I have been involved with relaunching it, but in the midst of all the hackery my essay was lost. I've since found it and am republishing it here. I'd be interested in any feedback on this.

UPDATE: Another synchronicity among several this past month! Orion Magazine has an article about politics and spirituality as well, and it dovetails well with mine (though their politics are a bit more socialist than mine). But the writer's key point - that politics is the opposite of love - is a great way of saying what I've been trying to say for a while now. By the way, I realize that many readers may not know what the hell the Law of One is. I plan on writing a post on my approach to the Law of One from a beginner point of view. This is preparation for a monthly meeting club on metphysics, spirituality, culture, art, history, and other stuff my friend Bill and I are starting in the Richmond area. I think the tentative title of our club is Progressive Culture Richmond.

The idea is that we do some yoga and meditation, and each meeting a member gives a presentation on something he or she believes in. So one meeting Bill would do a yoga presentation, one meeting another member would do another, and I'm planning on doing a presentation on the Law of One. There's also a roundtable where everybody brings up a book, CD, movie, or something that they're basically digging and want to share with the group. It's a way to ground our beliefs in sort a social setting, and I think the idea is powerful.

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Written on Friday, February 17, 2006