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For a while, I've been really, really slack about my music projects. I was having problems getting things set up correctly, and when we moved it was too much hassle to get everything set up again. Then I got swamped with a killer virus and just got bogged down in things. For me, I get ideas and inspiration quickly, and having to mess with a bunch of mundane equipment details is a big drag.

However, I think it's time for me to get started again. I completely wiped my production computer's hard drive and reinstalled all my software. The biggest task now is organizing my old projects so that they work with my new setup, and getting my outboard synths and keyboards MIDI-ed up correctly. And I'd love to get some better equipment: while my computer is powerful, it is extremely loud. I could use a good Access Virus synth, as well.

I've sort of been motivated to reengage in creative affairs by a number of chance meetings. First of all, I ran into an old buddy of mine at a Brothers Past show with whom I used to play in a band around Richmond. He expressed interest in getting together and doing something soon. Secondly, a guy from Britain named Jacob contacted me via the Bring4th web site. He's an electronica producer who's into the Law of One - yes, there is more than one! Hopefully we'll be collabbing, as he appears pretty accomplished as a producer. I also heard through a friend that another musician buddy of mine was trying to get in touch with me now that I'm in Richmond. Finally, I just found in browsing the web the other day that there's a hip-hop collective called Social Memory Complex in North Carolina. Talk about things building to a head.

It's funny how the universe wakes your ass up out of a deep sleep with these random-yet-not-so-random events. Indeed, part of my drive to study and understand archetypes is to get clear on these cyclical patterns of development. The challenge as I see it is to find a way to move with the new energies in a faithful and fearless manner. And to not be lazy.

So, look for the following in the coming months:

Stay tuned!

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Written on Friday, February 24, 2006