Reaching Out to Left Libertarianism

I just realized that there was a pretty in-depth discussion of corporate repsonsibility for state capitalism and corruption over at Kevin's blog, where he responded to a post I wrote addressing libertarian issues in the Abramoff scandal. Hey, if you can't bring the smart people to you, go where the smart people are. Lord knows Kevin works his ass off to maintain a blog that is consistently challenging, insightful, and revelatory. I'm looking forward to the more integrated, centralized left libertarian discussion site for which Brad is calling. As I learn more about the leftist approach to libertarianism and anarchism in general, I'm finding more reasons to respect and study the writings of my allies on the libertarian left. It would be wonderful if we could create a site focused on perspectives unique to our movement, such as cooperativism, anti-corporatism, and organizational theory and analysis.

UDPATE: Brad points out the need for a new domain for this discussion and activism site. Any ideas? Please feel free to register your suggestions in the comments below.

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Written on Friday, March 31, 2006