Professionalism in Law Enforcement: Shoot Foot, Blame Somebody Else

Normally I try not to post mere links (more on this in a few days) but this video is too funny. I always hated it in school when law enforcement officers would come in and give some demeaning, patronizing presentation that completely insulted our intelligence. I don't think all officers are by definition so coarse and unthoughtful, but certainly the ones that want to scare kids are. I can respect* professional officers who do their job and serve honestly, despite what I may have claimed in anger in the past; I simply would like to see them come down as hard on their own when they do wrong as they come down on us when we "stray".

Now this officer featured in the video is suing for looking dumb on camera? I just think this is great: you treat kids like idiots and you end up looking like an idiot - seems fair to me (it's officially too Gen X to mention the irony). I just don't get this. Of course, this officer is typical of the DEA, which likes to operate with an air of mystique while violating your liberties.


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Written on Tuesday, April 18, 2006