Humans are easy to figure out!

In the inaugural post on a new blog, Wrong Thinking Girl, I attack conservativism's disregard for the full scope of the human experience through the prism of the death penalty debate:

Here's the point: society will always have frontiers of fear and misunderstanding, and the deepest abyss of the human heart may always be unknowable. But extinguishing life doesn't remedy anything - it only continues the pointless violence. It does this, furthermore, by empowering the biggest killer by far in human history. Death is not a currency with which to pay back a debt, nor is it a mechanism for teaching a lesson. By promoting the death penalty, RTG is simply showing that matters of human interest are simply too complex to be dealt with in a thoughtful manner and must therefore be swept from the healthy mind. We'd do better to ponder our own weaknesses and savagery - especially with regards to the state - than to simply isolate cases where human nature has failed us and purge these symptoms of a deeper collective problem.

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Written on Sunday, July 02, 2006