Cui bono?

From comes an interesting perspective on the recent airline ban of carry-on liquids in conjunction with today's media-fueled terror scare:

Given that the airlines have been trying desperately to cut back on the weight of 'free' luggage of passengers as a way to cut down on fuel costs, this is a gift from Heaven for them and one they will want to cement into policy. Now I won't be able to stuff my oversized purse with all the comforts I usually haul onto an airplane (e.g. a huge bottle of water, hand lotion, contact lens fluid). Instead it will all have to go into my checked luggage and count toward the weight limit imposed upon it. And, if I'm over, I'll pay a stiff fee for wanting that bottle of lotion.
Neither I nor Wendy are suggesting that the ban is a conspiracy to benefit the airlines. It's just a nice ancillary benefit in a heavily cartelized industry.

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Written on Thursday, August 10, 2006