A Portrait in Intellectual Poverty

It's official: RTG stands for everything I loathe about politics. Her latest is an outrage against every intelligent human being in this country - even the conservatives she holds as such uebermenschen over the depraved liberal caste. It's not that liberals are simply promoting erroneous or malicious policies - they actually lack a conscience and a soul:

The liberal ideology espouses fairness and equality. They imagine themselves to be disinterested observers, listening to every side. But such impartiality does not come without a price: a conscience and a soul. They simply have nothing inside them to tell them what is right and wrong.

I mean, how can RTG be expected to engage in an honest debate with such animals? What's the point of her, say, oh, I dunno, proving her point when the other side lacks any ability to articulate moral agency? It's an exercise in futility, right? Therefore, by virtue of the lack of any sentient audience, no proof, no defense, no explanation whatsoever of her point of view is necessary. And, as she puts it, "that's all we need to know" about terrorism and liberals. Well, at least she tried.

Even I didn't think she was capable of such blatant fascism. Still, this could yet be idle words from a person with lots of time on her hands. She could yet renounce this bigotry and return to the realm of rational debate. But the reality of these utterances is inescapable: anytime you hear the right wing in any country saying a group of people lack human qualities, bad things tend to be lie down the road. The only comfort in this is that we finally can see the endgame of the hardcore conservatives: it was never to win the argument, but rather, to expel the other side on a technicality. A monstrous one at that.

Of course, liberals don't lack any inner sense of right and wrong: the best among them simply apply moral standards equally. If it is wrong for innocent people to be killed, then it's as wrong when the U.S. military does it as when terrorist do it. That is certainly a standard, even if it's one RTG disavows. Understand the intellectual bankruptcy of failing to address an argument by simply saying that it doesn't deserve mention at all - indeed, we've seen this before.

One can gain real insight into the conservative gestalt by continuing to read her crass analysis of the most enduring philosophical tradition of Western intellectual history:

They loathe accomplishment because it destabilizes the ‘balance' that they seek. One person is a loser and one's a winner and that's just not fair. But why is fairness so critically important to the liberal mind? I believe it is because they have nothing to offer but their observation of fairness. They crave world approval, which comes from others. Friendship, influence, approval - all of that, which they plainly admit to seeking, can only exist outside the self. Their convictions come from others (though they might not possess the actual convictions, they are pleased enough if it appears that they do.) They simply refuse to require something of themselves. They are empty - prefering the illusion of success to real work and power without responsibility. They are all ‘relation' and no entity. Their observance and judgement (such irony from those who proclaim to never judge!) are reserved for those who actually form an opinion and hold a position which would actually require action (which would upset the ‘balance' and be unfair - which deserves the worst kind of criticism.) They require forms of mutual dependence, much like the criminal and the victim. They are not content to be alone.

Understand that she is indicting modern liberalism - arguably the single most powerful political philosophy of past 300 years, shaping our nation and the entire world with its traditions of temperance and rationality - as incapable of accomplishment, out of touch with any sense of self, dependent on others.

It's infantile. There's no other word for this kind of drivel.

They forgive terrorists because it's unfair that America is a superpower - turning New York into Tel Aviv is exactly what they crave. America should not be immune to the misery spread over the globe. Bring death to our shores! Bring down our buildings that somebody built - somebody's ideas and money, energy and time went into building them, but bring them down anyway. Bring down our civilization because it is unfair we have fax machines and Porsches when the rest of the world wipes its ass with its hands and can't manage to feed itself. Banish our SUVs because its not fair that Russia is still driving Letos. Of course America should be targeted, they claim, because it is just so fucking unfair that we have it so easy here. What with our Starbucks and our Gaps and our Prada bags and our all-you-can-eat buffets and our Ikea superstores. Sure, a terror attack is completely understandable - if you look at it from the viewpoint of a liberal (which is just another word for ‘terrorist sympathizer'.)

It's official: RTG has gone off the deep end. She is no longer interested in anything approaching a search for truth. But even now, however, I won't dismiss her words. This vile language must be exposed for what it is. Honest conservatives must see the logical conclusions of many of their positions, exemplified in the utter poverty of RTG's quasi-politics.

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Written on Tuesday, October 10, 2006