Understanding the Neoconservative Gestalt: Self-Righteousness Makes Its Own Gravy!

Glory, glory, hallelujah... her truth is marching on, evildoers!

Conservatives are the only moral people left in America and the Left's ideology must be defeated. There has always been division in America because we are one of the only countries in the world who has unrestricted freedom to not only speak out against others but also ourselves - which is basically all the liberals have: the fight against America. Their ideology aligns perfectly with that of our stated enemies, a fact that for too long many have ignored. I refuse to ignore it any longer. The fact that we are divided speaks not to the wrongness of America or the war on terror or whatever agenda point the left enjoys putting forward, but to the utter rightness of them. Let Liberals kill themselves off in terror raids and abortion on demand. When it's all overwith, Conservatives will endure. In this fight against people who wish to destroy us - whether AQ or our own liberals - we are undoubtedly in the right.

Oh, you bet she's compelling... like a 10 car pileup on the Interstate.

Luckily, I think people are starting to understand that listening to neocons like her requires ever increasing doses of kool-aid. I mean, indicting liberals as on the same side as terrorists because they support universal health care? Obviously, conservatism has lost all meaning as a political philosophy and is now concerned soley with talking one another into a frenzy. To say nothing of the bloggers.

It kind of trivializes terrorism to finger everybody who disagrees with you as a murderer, but hey - get those page hits anyway you can, honey. You're utterly right, and America is utterly right. So it should be easy to ignore the snickering.

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Written on Tuesday, October 17, 2006