She's still a moron

But do I detect a kernel of reflection in the self-proclaimed neoconservative messiah?

I keep wondering if I'm turning into one of those crazy people who can't see guilt when it's staring at them in the face - you know, like Danny Glover and Susan Sarandon when talking about Mumia.

It's not much, but I'm glad that somebody I once respected is capable of an iota of introspection every now and then. I'm willing to give props where they're due.

And extra bonus points if you can take it one step further, honey... do we agree that it sucks when somebody can lose their freedom due to trumped up charges that put the burden on the accused, heard by a less than impartial court? Or is it only when they're white and rich and "Republican" and, well, gosh darn it, you just feel they're not guilty? Isn't that, like, oh my God, so unfair?

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Written on Tuesday, October 24, 2006