People losing their political shit

Jesus Christ, the end of election season is frustrating. Since I'm no longer voting, it's like I'm that much more vulnerable to these "October surprises". They work, though... I've definitely considered voting just to get rid of Allen.

In a crowd of absolute asses, it takes a idiot like Allen to really stand out. Not only is Allen racist and shamefully dishonest, but now he's sticking his goons on bloggers. Hope Webb kicks the shit out of him... and I think Allen could use a literal dose of that as well, given recent events.

And I'm no Kerry fan, but come on - he was trying to attack the President, not the troops (he meant to say that the President is stuck in Iraq, quite obviously, not the troops). What is it with Republicans trying to gain advantage by taking things out of context lately (or, in the case of Iraq intelligence, for a while)?

I'm pretty sure I'm abstaining from this election because I'd rather not participate in the affirmation rituals of my oppressors, but maaaan... the Republicans are so batshit crazy these days. I never think I'll be surprised, and then BAM!

Although something tells me the Democrats will up the ante on obnoxiousness one of these days, if that's possible...

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Written on Wednesday, November 01, 2006