Earth to Right Wing Bloggers

The laugh-a-minute just continues: Right Thinking Girl has made some revealing comments lately as she laments the loss of her politicians to other politicians. Once again, in trying to say something actually interesting, she reveals her true nature as a bigoted idiot.

Check out some of the whoppers she's been slinging lately, like this one:

Attempting to minimize casualties sounds wonderful. It sounds ‘enlightened' and noble - but when you do that, you're transfering the enemy's deaths to our death rolls. If the opponent hides behind children - it pains me to say this - but we should shoot the children. It disgusts me, just as I am sure that disgusts you. But if they know that they can hide behind children and Americans won't shoot, guess where they will hide. They will shoot us from protected positions, resulting in more of our deaths.

Aww, it disgusts her. How touching. And please - let's not talk about the reasons we're over there shooting kids or the underlying context for grown men hiding behind children (assuming this strategy is actually employed and is not simply a convenient cover story for errant weapons).

Earth to RTG: we invaded their country. No amount of hand wringing and equivocation changes that fact that we aggressed against the people of Iraq, and therefore the casualties are on the heads of the U.S. government and their 101st Fighting Keyboarders. So you're O.K. with killing kids because, as you say, the terrorists murdered children on 9/11. That makes puts you pretty low on the list of people I'd donate vital organs to, but fine. You have no context for the horror of war, but you're more than willing to have others do the messy work for you so we can "demoralize the enemy" for you.

Then there's this deep moment of reflection:

One thing that Dems have always been but Reps are not is vocal. I have never liked that shrill, loud, obnoxious tone in politics.

All you have to do is read 2 posts in her blog to see how fucking hypocritical this is, let alone all the words of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders. But wait - it gets better:

While we Conservatives quietly blogged about our support for the war on radical Islam, our White House went around saying it was a war on ‘terror', and let's be honest: there is no way you can win a war on terror. Terror isn't an enemy.

Oh, well, hey - that's actually pretty level headed. You can't win a war on terror. Way to wrestle that concept into submission finally!

However, Islamofascists are our enemy, and defeatable, and are most certainly fair game.

Oh, God. Nevermind. But at least she's volunteering an alternative strategy to rethink the way the war is presented to people, even if it's just throwing out some new, extra loaded terms:

The first order of business for the White House should be to organize a massive PR campaign. Talk up the war. Define it for what it is: a war on radical Islam. Talk about the strides we've made. Answer the ridiculous allegations by Dems. Talk about Gitmo, and Iraq, and our plan for the future. Embrace bloggers.

Oh, God. This is just embarrassing - she is suggesting a strategy that is down the to the letter precisely what the administration has been doing. Because we all know that people will swallow the same old shit if you dress it up in new packaging!

RTG has now made herself totally irrelevant and should just pack it up.

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Written on Sunday, November 19, 2006