You, too, can publish your opinions on teh interwebz!

Right Thinking Girl has opinions. Use them anywhere - that's right, ANYWHERE! Use them to comment on technological developments:

A few days ago, before I heard of AppleTV, I was telling a friend that I thought the future of tv would be less centralized.

Way to call it! Nobody had thought of that before.

I love living in such a technically advanced era. My children will be even more advanced (unless advancement skips a generation; it must be noted that nothing of value was invented in the 1970s). Thrilling - their distant, wireless, fathomless devices that bring us ever closer together. It is the business of the future to be dangerous; our present fulfilled our destiny.

God, I can't tell if that's advanced technofascism or just advanced breathless hyperbole at play. One advancement's for certain: her advanced opinions aren't going to be tied down by actually providing any advanced useful information about the AppleTV advancement. AMERICA! FREEDOM! ADVANCEMENT!

Or use your opinions to skillfully analyze, say, Bush's speech last night:

I didn't watch it, but that won't stop me from commenting on it.

Girlfriend, you so sassy!

Any plan that does not incorporate victory is going to lead to more terror attacks on American soil.

What does it even mean to "incorporate victory" into a plan? Why not incorporate "grace" and "style" while you're reaching for weightless abstractions there?

The only way out is the way through: that means doing the hard work required to win - unleashing the men and women to do their jobs, and then telling the Iraqis to step up.

Whenever somebody talks about "hard work", you can bet your ass the speaker is a privileged patrician who wouldn't know hard work if it shat in their latte. People who actually do "hard work" don't try to sell it.

Like you, I'm exhausted with the war. I want it to be overwith. But if the choice is a 10 year war in Iraq vs. a 10 year war in New York or Chicago or even Los Angeles, I'll opt for Iraq.

See? RTG understands us. She gets our pain, our frustration with this goddamn senseless war. But we need to sacrifice in the name of victory (whatever that means).

RTG should just start using "Hail Victory" as her two-word catchphrase endorsement of all American aggression - after all, that kind of fixation on victory has an appropriate pedigree.

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Written on Friday, January 12, 2007