Audience Shrugs

Don't watch Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life. What a snooze-fest. Here's an excerpt from the film; imagine suffocating narration while the same black and white picture flash on the screen.

Narrator: In 1936, Rand woke up and realized she was out of eggs. Grasping the idea of the omelet as an expression of man's highest ideals, she put on her coat to go out to the market. It was then that she ran into the mailman, and had a conversation which, while utterly mundane, plays some mysterious but vital role in her biography. Leonard Peikoff: Ayn never missed a chance to expound on her views about individualism and the heroism of man. In a way, she was teh best person evah. And I'm not just saying that as the sole inheritor of her estate, either. Narrator: Upon arriving at the market, she calmly picked up a carton of eggs and carried them to the checkout counter. It was there she happened upon the inspiration for a screenplay which, incidentally, did not get produced*. Although this saddened her, she resolutely managed to return home and start cooking an omelet that would reflect her vision of man as a heroic being.

Two hours of that is a bit much, besides the fact that she really deserved better.

* This was the Hollywood of the 30s, so any failure of hers could be easily attributed to collectivists, socialists, communists, and other stupid people.

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Written on Monday, February 26, 2007