Democrats vs. teh Brave and Valorous (featuring me)

I've stopped following Right Thinking Girl much lately. I can only include so much comedy on this blog, and at a certain point it becomes cumbersome to point out the mulitple dimensions of her stupidity. But today's a slow day, and while her latest content doesn't take the bonehead positions we've all come to expect, scrolling down to the bottom of the blog rewards me with a fresh, steaming pile.

The issue today, folks, is the virtuous contractors in Iraq - risking their lives for their country a tidy payout. Since "Democrats" are against them, it follows like a law of nature that RTG is for them (and naturally, therefore, I make fun of her for it). And my, how she is for them. Without sparing so much as a second to, you know, read about their issues with contractors, she pulls the straw straight out of her ass to begin building her pile argument:

Companies like Blackwater USA provide an incalculable service for our country and to the men and women in hostile countries who are doing the work that allows us to sleep safe in our beds in places like Dayton, Baltimore, and Albany. The two reasons Democrats hate these companies is because they hate any business that involves a profit. They also hate war, no matter the justice of it. Put them together and you have a powderkeg of hatred.

A few responses drift to mind like an autumn leaf alighting on the forest floor.

  1. Ever hear of graft, you dolt? What about profiteering? Corruption? Didn't think so, but it exists.
  2. The men and women who are doing this work and hostile countries don't have to go to such trouble for little ol' me. No, really, RTG - it's O.K. I'm a grown-up who can take care of myself and I know how to operate a firearm. I need the Armed Forces of the United States of America kicking up shit around the world on my behalf like I need AOL.
  3. RTG criticizing somebody for their "hatred" is just laughable. If you don't get it, do a Google search of her site with the query 'I hate'.
  4. War is simply what the State calls violence when it happens to be involved. As such, it has nothing to do with law, let alone justice. "Just war" is a concept on the same intellectual level as the furniture warehouse commercials that assure you that the closeout sale ends today (for real this time, though).
  5. I was once a military contractor. How hilarious is that? It just makes my day when somebody calls me brave and valorous. Unfortunately, that somebody is a twittering numbskull who would call anything in the vicinity of stars and stripes "awesome".

So, my initial sense of honor is now somewhat muted.

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Written on Tuesday, February 27, 2007