The L.A. May Day Protest

If you're looking for the other side of the story, check out Nick Napolitano's report at Los Angeles IndyMedia:

Rampart division officers harass and illegally search and detain a peaceful protestor for 15 minutes because the protestor was documenting the march and had decided to take a photograph of the wrong officers. The protestor is released when a crowd starts to gather and take pictures of the incident. (Please note that event #1 occurred when all was calm and peaceful and the march was slowly winding its way into MacArthur Park)

(Approximately 30 minutes after the first event) Officers start to push a protestor at the corner of Wilshire & Parkview. This results in the Los Angeles chapter of Copwatch quickly moving into action to document the incident. A crowd quickly gathers and the street starts to fill up with people of all ages and backgrounds. A protestor was shown the true force of a police baton in blunt force trauma to the head. Organizers start to plead with people to leave the street for fear that the officers will declare this an illegal assembly because of people being in the street. People remain in the street simply because they are trying to protect those that they love and care for. LAPD was now fully mobilizing at this point getting riot gear ready and forming a defensive block. Bear in mind; this all started with LAPD attacking peaceful protestors.

LAPD Chief Bratton called some of the responses "inappropriate", even though officers in full riot armor were "provoked" by "anarchists" (read: people wearing bandanas) throwing plastic water bottles. I guess assault and battery, reckless endangerment, and other unlawful actions get different names when the police engage in them for the slightest provocations.

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Written on Wednesday, May 02, 2007