Memorial Day Weekend

And now, the post about Memorial Day that isn't so serious. I spent it in my hometown, King George County, Virginia, with Tasha at Oak Crest Vineyards. We tasted and bought wine, of course, since bordeauxs are my favorite and their aspiration. Tasha was among several artists there, not only selling pottery and jewelry but also demonstrating throwing technique to guests. We also got to visit with my entire family as well as our friend Bill and his family.

I focused on reading the copy of American Gun Culture Report that I'd just received, which I found funny, entertaining, insightful, and refreshing. So excited was I about the magazine that I started writing an article to submit. It felt good to get my opinions about firearms - as well as the intersection with radical politics - into a form that I felt was integrated and balanced.

We were able to get back to Richmond for Memorial Day itself, which I spent catching up on email and feed reading as well as a bit of blogging. I also mowed the lawn and enjoyed a cookout with Kristal, my sister-in-law, her boyfriend John, and our friend Sara.

I'm also starting to get going on a project with Matt. Not sure where that's headed but so far it looks promising. The idea is that Matt will do the back end and I'll do the front end, saving us the need to go to war over languages and frameworks.

One last thing: tomorrow, Tasha will appear on Virginia This Morning, a show on Richmond CBS station WTVR (Channel 6) which comes on at 10:00 AM. She'll be demonstrating the process of making her jewelry and answering the hosts' questions. I'll try and have something on YouTube as long as Jim remembers to record it on his TiVo!

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Written on Monday, May 28, 2007