Libertarians who support war are so silly!

Naturally, the libertarians who supported the war in Iraq are disappointed, though hardly shocked, that it was so badly executed. The Bush administration might be faulted, not so much for its initial errors which occur in any war against a determined foe who adjusts creatively to any preconceived central "plan," but for its dogged refusal to alter its approach--and promptly replace its military commanders as President Lincoln did repeatedly--when it became clear that its tactics were not working.

So, according to Randy Barnett, a supposed pro-war libertarian, the Bush administration should be faulted for being incompetent, unresponsive to the real situation, and making faulty decisions with bad information - in other words, for displaying the qualities of government.

But, isn't that why libertarians oppose government, it's programs, and especially it's war programs, in the first place? Isn't that necessary opposition what makes libertarians libertarian? Like Wally Conger writes, libertarians can actually get a lot of guidance on foreign policy issues from "libertarian first principles", if they're willing to think them through.

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Written on Wednesday, July 25, 2007