Back to wage labor

Well, I've put the update on my life off for far too long, time to come clean. As of Tuesday I am working for a D.C.-based web development firm that is focusing on Ruby and Rails. I get to work from home in Richmond and the work I'm doing is some pretty cutting edge stuff - rspec, behavior driven development, acts_as_solr, mocha - hotness. I'm very happy with the situation.

I should also mention that Tasha doubled what was till then her all time sales record at the Crafty Bastard show in D.C. It worked out well for me to go up with her because (a) she needed the help - at one time she had a line going out her booth of young, hip people buying her stuff - and (b) I got to have coffee with my present boss. Plus I had ethiopian food for breakfast - and it was delicious!

Not only that, I also found out that the guys who led the political action committee project I just came off of are interested in doing some for-profit things with the codebase. The cool thing is that I'm already a partner without even having to work on the code ever again!

Also, the 2nd Annual McWeiland Chili Cookoff will be held October 20th. Invites are going out soon, but if you didn't attend last year and want to, let me know.

Finally, I have to say that I just stumbled on today, and if you're interested in a decent politically-oriented online community, check it out. I'm hooked - I've had some of the best political conversations in years on there (not a high bar to clear, you understand).

UPDATE: I changed the title to reflect my sincerely positive attitude towards my new job. Inside jokes among amateur thinkers can be misinterpreted by others.

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Written on Thursday, October 04, 2007