Don't talk to the police

This is great legal advice (and surprisingly hard to follow when you're on the spot). It's also a key strategy for passively and non-violently resisting the occupation army in your neck of the woods. They require on-the-ground, tacit information of the community to operate. Don't volunteer to participate in the system.

The more I read about police and judicial misconduct, the more I'm convinced that the best strategy when dealing with the government is to operate as if you have no legal rights. The problem with the supposed "rights" we have as citizens is that we depend upon others to enforce them. This dependency is so deceptive because the same people who are supposed to uphold our rights are the ones who have an incentive to throw us in jail. So don't take anything for granted: hold your tongue and wait to talk to a lawyer. Comply only with force, or threats thereof.

Any interactions with law enforcement should be on your terms, at a time and place of your choosing, and for your purposes and not theirs. The government always tries to pressure, scare, or cow us into surrendering to and complying with their interests - interests that are necessarily counter to ours. Resist the urge to reason with an institution that has no conscience and can legally lie without consequence. Stay calm and silent.

If you have the time, also check out the cop who follows the speaker in the video. Very, very frank look into the mind of an officer and, by extension, the system.

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Written on Wednesday, June 04, 2008