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Springhill Neighborhood Blog Launched

As many of you know, Tasha and I bought a house last year in Richmond. We found ourselves in the Springhill neighborhood, a little known historic area that started out a hundred years ago as a place for the families of Manchester industrial workers. The neighborhood is small and often overlooked, which is curious considering that, aside from being across the river, it's in the middle of the city. I can walk to the bottom or VCU, and the James River Park System and Belle Isle are blocks away.

Richmond is well known for being a hub for neighborhood blogs, so I've been sitting on the springhillrva.org domain for a while intending to launch a blog. Now that I'm getting my personal IT in order, I thought it was time to tidy the site up and make the announcement. Hopefully I can get my neighbors to help out maintaining it, and hopefully they'll find it useful to do so.

Written on Thursday, January 07, 2010
Tags: personal, neighborhood, house