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DDR Style Soljanka

DDR-Style Soljanka

When Tasha and I were last in the Dresden area, we seemed to encounter Soljanka whereever we dined. It didn't matter if it was a concession stand at a national park or a classy restaurant; everybody seemed to regard this as essential Saxon comfort food. Soljanka is a Russian soup that it seems like the East Germans adopted and adapted to their taste. It's kind of like a hot and sour eastern European soup when it's done right, but this recipe doesn't have much heat per se; I'd like to experiment on that, but for the moment it's great in this form.

I doubled and translated this recipe from here after trying another that had no sourness at all. The secret, I think, is just putting pickle juice in it. That kind of makes sense, and the effect of that acid cutting through the sausage is divine. Make sure you don't forget the dollop of sour cream when you serve -- for bonus points, a slice of lemon on top in addition to the cream looks wonderful. You can also squeeze some lemon juice in your serving if you wanna up the sourness, I usually do.


Written on Tuesday, March 05, 2019
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Easy Mit'in Shiro

Tonight I advanced another step in my ethiopian cooking odyssey by finally pulling off one of my favorites: shiro wat. The big problem has always been the key ingredient: mit'in shiro, a staple powder made from roasted chickpeas, fava beans, peas, and other legumes, mixed with berbere. I ordered some from this place, but I didn't want to wait, so I modified a recipe I'd found and just used chickpea flour. It turned out so well that I wanted to share it with anybody else who'd find it interesting.

Believe me, this is easier than how you really make it.

Mix together the following:


Written on Tuesday, February 15, 2011
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