Terry Schiavo, please just die.

I think it's absolutely disgusting that the Federal Gov't is trying to overrule the decisions of a State judge. That the Florida judge utterly rebuked Congress's attempts to circumvent the legal system makes my day and almost makes up for all the bullshit the judiciary puts us through. This issue has been blown entirely out of proportion and it now requires a tasteless joke. At this point, I don't care if Terry is exhibiting the following "signs of life":

(1) on her knees pleading for her life

(2) reciting the alphabet backwards

(3) writing legal briefs in Latin with her right hand and in Greek with her left hand, simultaneously

She deserves to die just for monopolizing so much media attention for so long. I love how the media is so left-leaning until some Bible thumper wants to use it to pound you over the head with the "sanctity of life" noodle.

When you marry somebody, you entrust that person with a lot of authority over you. And unlike the authority a parent has over you, a spouse is chosen. As far as I'm concerned, her parents' concerns are utterly null and void, and they have no say over what another couple does with their life. If I were Michael I'd probably just divorce the woman and move on with my life (he definately deserves to), but at the same time props to him for sticking by his wife and fighting for what she would have wanted. If he is in fact doing all this for the money then I think by this time he has earned it.

But there's a larger issue: this has gone on far too long. EVERYBODY needs to move on with their life. At some point a single case ceases to be a poignant symbol of a larger struggle and just starts being a made-for-TV movie. This case crossed that threshold a WHILE ago. Let's everybody get off their high horses already.

That's right you poozers - Social Memory Complex is BACK.

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Written on Monday, March 21, 2005