Champagne kind of sucks

You know, I like to be sophisticated. I like to be cultured. Within the past year (actually more like since I returned from Paris) I started drinking red wine pretty regularly. But I gotta say, I do not like champagne. At all.

I bought a $40 bottle for new years that we never drank. So the other night we popped it and had some with our movie. And ya know what? I used to drink that shit all the time in Germany, only there they called it "sekt". [insert lame joke about how "sekt" sounds like "sucked"] Tasha ended up drinking most of it, and I started kicking myself for not just going ahead and splurging on a nice Bordeux 2000 (we have on bottle left from Paris that we're saving for a special occasion, in other words, as long as we can hold out). Or a case of Ayinger Altbairische Dunkelbier, the greatest beer in the world.

So I admit it. I have no class. I don't like white sparkling wine. It gives me indigestion and it tastes bad.


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Written on Tuesday, March 22, 2005