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mutualism and agorism) with which I've been flirting lately. It's a big philosophical step for me, and I'm trying to educate myself. I've built a personal approach towards politics for probably 7 years that is being drastically altered, since the state I once sought to remake in a libertarian image is now itself the problem to be removed. New arguments, facts, and principles are being absorbed, and I'm trying to become not just a follower but somebody who can speak convincingly on the topic. I always admired libertarians who were good at outreach (people like Harry Browne). In my trip down the rabbit hole, I recently received Kevin Carson's Studies in Mutualist Political Economy. It's a great way to acquaint myself with an entire century of economic thought of which I - like most libertarians - am woefully ignorant. The writing so far is very well organized and lays out the arguments with a precision that I've come to expect from free market thinkers. However, the fact that it directly and fairly addresses economists whom other libertarians have always dismissed out of hand is itself a very refreshing change of tone from the norm. I'm still not very far through the book, but I'm writing down lots of names on which to follow up. There's a huge blank spot in the history of economic thought between Smith and Keynes for me, and I'm determined to at least have a passing understanding of the subject. Studies gives me just enough of the background to start building a philosophical foundation for many of the leftist beliefs I've always held but downplayed in my libertarian zeal. Many, many thanks to Kevin for compiling such a thorough treatment of mutualism. Oh, and what made my day was that Kevin blogged about (and indeed clarified) a recent post of mine. I'm severely flattered. The Mutualist Blog is literally my number one favorite blog. I try to hold off from blogging about his articles, as well as Brad's and Adem's, too often - more out of personal embarrassment than lack of things to say (hence the "Quote of the Day" features of late). :-)
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Written on Wednesday, February 01, 2006